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This Is the Law Manhwa cover

This Is the Law

Read This Is the Law latest chapters on MangaScans. Valedictorian of his university, perfect score on the bar exam, and even a 95% case win rate. Hyungjin Noh was a so-called successful lawyer. While he was fighting against evil, higher powers to make South Korea a just and fair land, he was ruthlessly murdered by National Intelligence Service agents. "He shouldn't have died..." Hyungjin was a man sent by Emperor Yeomra to fix corruption on Earth! However, after ending up in hell without having been able to achieve anything, Emperor Yeomra returns Hyungjin back in time. "I should at least give him power so he can protect himself." What is this "power" given to him by Emperor Yeomra? Will Hyungjin be able to change his future as well as the future of South Korea?! (Source: Kakao Entertainment Corp., translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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