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The Viridescent Tiara Manhwa cover

The Viridescent Tiara

  • 녹음의 관, The Viridescent Tiara, Nokeum-ui Gwan, Crown of the Deep Green, The Viridescent Crown, Recording Hall
  • Authors: Siya, Binu
  • Genres: Villainess, Isekai, Romance, Fantasy
Read The Viridescent Tiara latest chapters on MangaScans. I was a normal grad student until I woke up in a world right out of a novel I wrote as a teen. But danger's on the horizon—the character I became was originally destined to die AND people are out to get me! Even though this character's past was full of villainy, I'm using my insider knowledge to survive the flame of the Azure Ring, settle debts, and make things right for the House of Latia! Can I earn the trust of the hero and get ahead in this world? Are there secrets that even I don't know? (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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