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The Double Agent Manhwa cover

The Double Agent

  • 이중첩자, The Double Agent, Ijung Cheopja
  • Authors: Pisookhye, Yeopjip Charles
  • Genres: Psychological, Romance
Read The Double Agent latest chapters on MangaScans. As a child, Sasha Laurent lost her parents overnight when the Dochen Republic invaded her hometown of Neroi and burned it to the ground. Fleeing across the border, she lived off the streets until rescued by General Gerard of the Allied Forces. When this benefactor asks her a decade later to infiltrate Dochen as a secret agent, she has no choice but to comply. Lacking the wherewithal for espionage, Sasha soon finds herself a prisoner at the mercy of Major General Johann von Willendorf. She has nothing but hatred for Dochens, but Johann proves an exception. To her, he is part angel and part demon, capable of both cruelty and care. Sasha's unhealthy obsession veers dangerously close to love, but will her feelings change when this man makes her a double agent? (Source: Tappytoon). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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