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The Academy's Undercover Professor Manhwa cover

The Academy's Undercover Professor

  • 아카데미에 위장취업당했다, The Academy's Undercover Professor, I Got a Fake Job at the Academy, Academy-e Wijang Chwieop Danghaetda
  • Authors: Sayren, WAG
  • Genres: Reincarnation, Isekai, School, Fantasy
Read The Academy's Undercover Professor latest chapters on MangaScans. No one knows his true name or face, but he has gained global notoriety under many aliases—from Gerrard to Machiavelli. His newest identity is that of Ludger Cherish, a young and talented professor at the prestigious Ceoren Academy. However, what seems like an easy teaching job turns out to be anything but. The original Ludger Cherish was far more than he appeared, entangled in a secret society with unclear motives. Doing whatever it takes to protect his identity, the man of many faces must walk a tightrope between two opposing groups that would kill him at the slightest slip-up. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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