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Marriage of Convenience Manhwa cover

Marriage of Convenience

  • 결혼 장사, Marriage of Convenience, The Marriage Business, The Wedding Business, Gyeolhon Jangsa
  • Authors: Ant Studio, Ken
  • Genres: Fantasy, Time Travel, Romance
Read Marriage of Convenience latest chapters on MangaScans. Before she even knew what marriage was, Bianca de Blanchefort had to leave the lavishness of her home forever and become the wife of Count Zachary de Arno. Her love for the extravagance of her beginnings never waned, and while her husband ignored her, she gained a reputation as a greedy, evil wife. After Zachary tragically died on the battlefield, Bianca—without an heir to secure her place in the palace—lost everything and became a beggar. In a twist of fate, Bianca is granted another chance at life. She awakens as an 18-year-old again and swears to shed her arrogance and immaturity this time around. However, Bianca still fears meeting the same unbecoming future and puts up a brave front, even when asking Zachary for an heir. With a husband who refuses to touch her, Bianca is hopeless. As she turns to other means to save herself, she begins to see Zachary in a new light, wondering if his indifference may have been a veil for something deeper. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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