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Invincible Yeonbyeongeol Manhwa cover

Invincible Yeonbyeongeol

Read Invincible Yeonbyeongeol full chapter on MangaScans. After losing her entire family to a mysterious fire, Soon-Doong refuses to wallow in sadness and decides to move to South Korea from her native Yanbian to find herself a new and better life. Holding nothing but a plane ticket to Korea, a small package of clothes, and a half-burnt letter between her grandfather and a "textile factory owner" in Seoul (who were good friends), she resolves to find a job at the factory and make a decent, honest living. Only, the "textile factory owner" just happens to be the CEO of the biggest clothing brand in the country, and her grandfather wasn't just a good friend with the "textile factory owner"—he had saved the CEO's life and lent him the money to start the business that he has today! And so begins Soon-Doong's life in Korea, as she shatters everyone's bigoted prejudice against ethnic Koreans who came from Yanbian and makes everyone rethink about their own values and lifestyles. (Source: Hwang Mi Ri's Palace). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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