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As You Like It, Margrave Manhwa cover

As You Like It, Margrave

  • 뜻대로 하세요, As You Like It, Margrave, Tteut-daero Haseyo
  • Authors: Jungah Kwon
  • Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Read As You Like It, Margrave latest chapters on MangaScans. The maid Dian feels incredibly lucky that she can help her beloved savior, Lady Selene Lowen. In love with a mere knight, Selene wishes to escape her arranged marriage. However, a noble lady with a saintly reputation needs a diversion while she flees—and this is where Dian comes in. Posing as Selene, Dian travels to the faraway territory of Margrave Evenhart, a man who has neither been seen in social circles nor met Selene. There, she requests to stay at the margrave's castle until her father forgives her unwillingness to marry. Evenhart is a simple man—maybe even too simple. His help is a sole butler, his meals consist of a single apple or a store-bought lunch box, and his basic noble courtesy is nonexistent. Dian can overlook all of that for Selene's sake, especially given that the margrave is a direct descendant of the fabled knight Evenhart from their nation's founding legend, whom Dian has idolized and adored her whole life. Evenhart reluctantly lets Dian hide out in his home, allowing for mythical secrets and fantastical tales of love to subtly release their magic. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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