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Uso Mitai na Hanashi desu ga Manga cover

Uso Mitai na Hanashi desu ga

Read Uso Mitai na Hanashi desu ga full chapter on MangaScans. A story about an excellent & manly salary man whose beauty is extraordinary, the senpai Kitagawa-san, and his dumb but very handsome kouhai, Nakamura-kun. In the middle of night, with a bottle of sake, a very girlish confession is to hover over the poor kouhai Nakamura-kun. Backed up with his very own fantasies and undeniable desires, he jumps his sempai Kitagawa-san, unexpectedly though Kitagawa-san doesn't have anything against it!! Two young men, two love birds, start the beginning of their love story! (Source: YaoiOtaku). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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