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Trillion Game Manga cover

Trillion Game

  • トリリオンゲーム, Trillion Game, $1,000,000,000,000 Game
  • Authors: Riichiro Inagaki, Ryouichi Ikegami
  • Genres: Award Winning, Seinen, Drama
Read Trillion Game latest chapters on MangaScans. Meet Haru Tennouji, a charismatic communicator beloved by all, regardless of age or gender. He may come across as easygoing, but beneath that façade lies an unwavering ambition for success. When offered a prestigious position at the nation's largest IT company, "Dragon Bank," he does the unexpected—turning it down in favor of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey alongside his friend, Manabu Taira. Their audacious objective: to amass a staggering 1 trillion dollars. Now, let's introduce Manabu, a brilliant engineer armed with remarkable IT acumen. Personality-wise, he's the antithesis of Haru—introverted, and a tad awkward in social interactions. Having faced rejection from "Dragon Bank" due to his communication challenges, he joins forces with Haru, sharing in the colossal ambition of earning that elusive 1 trillion dollars. (Source: MAL News). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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