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Touhou Sangetsusei: Oriental Sacred Place Manga cover

Touhou Sangetsusei: Oriental Sacred Place

  • 東方三月精 Oriental Sacred Place
  • Authors: ZUN, Makoto Hirasaka
  • Genres: Fantasy, Comedy
Read Touhou Sangetsusei: Oriental Sacred Place latest chapters on MangaScans. After moving into the large tree just behind the Hakurei Shrine, the Three Fairies of Light—Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire—have more opportunities to continue their mischief than ever. However, now that they are closer to Reimu Hakurei, the youkai exterminator of Gensokyo, any move that incurs the shrine maiden's wrath will likely be met with terrible consequences. Despite this serious-sounding threat, the boisterous trio continue to use their quirky abilities to annoy anyone they target. Whether it be harmless illusions, inconsequential thievery, or even things that benefit Gensokyo's residents, the fairies' prankishness will not die down anytime soon. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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