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Tokku Hakkenshi [code:t-8] Manga cover

Tokku Hakkenshi [code:t-8]

  • 特区八犬士 [code:T-8], District Hakkenshi [code:T-8]
  • Authors: Rando Ayamine, Kentarou Kurimoto, Sakimi Wakatsuki
  • Genres: Supernatural, Action
Read Tokku Hakkenshi [code:t-8] latest chapters on MangaScans. The souls of the Hakkenshi are reincarnated in the present! Inuzuka Shino is a high school student who shares the name of the legendary Hakkenshi, "Devotion." The name has caused him nothing but stress all his life. Now, because of his name, he's gotten himself wrapped up in a conflict with the Blight, creatures from a giant hole that has suddenly emerged in the city. An exciting fantasy/action manga from Rando Ayamine, the artist who brought you Get Backers, and writers Saki and Kentarou Kurimoto. (Source: MangaBox). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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