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Se Manga cover


Read Se full chapter on MangaScans. On his daily morning commute to campus, computer science major Shirou Oka regularly sees the same high school girl seated in front of him, reading the latest programming books. But, Oka could never muster the courage to speak to the girl—until his final day as a university student. Unfortunately, his last chance results in him grabbing and spilling the contents of her book bag all over the station platform. Flustered, Oka helps her retrieve the scattered belongings, only to pick up an object that looks exactly like a sex sleeve, causing the girl to quickly hide it and run away from him. Disheartened by the mishap, Oka vows to forget about the girl and devote everything to his budding career. He lands a job at Peach System Co. as a system engineer, but soon finds out that the position involves more than just programming. To make matters worse, the girl he saw on his commutes turns out to be the company's president! Momoka Takashima is the 17-year-old genius programmer often praised as the "Steve Jobs of the sex sleeve industry." With her innovative ideas, Momoka leads the small business of coding, prototyping, and testing these products to create the perfect "smart hole." Oka gradually learns to navigate his new role and responsibilities, but the awkwardness from his prior encounter with the president could potentially get in the way of her goals. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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