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Mizuki-senpai's Love Fortune-Telling Manga cover

Mizuki-senpai's Love Fortune-Telling

  • 水姫先輩の恋占い, Mizuki-senpai's Love Fortune-Telling, Mizuki-senpai is Love Fortune-teller
  • Authors: Shirosawa
  • Genres: Seinen, School, Romance, Comedy
Read Mizuki-senpai's Love Fortune-Telling latest chapters on MangaScans. High school second-year Soujiro Sakagami is late for school one day, when he is given a ride by a mysterious girl who looks like a third-year, and claims that her fortunes are 100% accurate. She declares that he is fated to be with a girl younger than him... but little does he know that she's referring to herself! So begins a comedy of love between the fumbling Mizuki-"senpai" and clueless Sakagami! (Source: Comikey Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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