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Kurogane no Mahoutsukai Manga cover

Kurogane no Mahoutsukai

  • 黒鉄の魔法使い, Black Iron Wizard
  • Authors: Mokufuu, Mayoidoufu
  • Genres: Action, Fantasy
Read Kurogane no Mahoutsukai full chapter on MangaScans. A carefree smile on her face, she delivers punishing blows with her fists! The craziest, new heroine from another world makes her entrance! Delice Fahrenheit, who'd been transported from another world and has been widely-known for being a prominent wizard, has an apprentice who'd also been transported from another world named Haruna Katsuragi. Her status was unprecedentedly low despite being from another world. However, through her training with Delice, her hidden talents were revealed. (Source: Kadokawa, translated). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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