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IDOLiSH7: Re:member Manga cover

IDOLiSH7: Re:member

  • アイドリッシュセブン Re:member
  • Authors: Arina Tanemura, Bunta Tsushimi
  • Genres: Shoujo, Music
Read IDOLiSH7: Re:member full chapter on MangaScans. From the moment Banri "Ban" Oogami met Yukito "Yuki" Orikasa, they became intimate friends with a shared passion for music. This same love for music leads them to create their own indie idol group, Re:vale. Despite Yuki's aloof personality, the public adores Re:vale, with their popularity seemingly growing as the years go on. Unfortunately, a tragic accident befalls Ban on stage and, although his life is saved, he disappears without a trace, leaving Yuki devastated. Momose "Momo" Sunohara was on track to becoming a soccer star until an injury ruined his chances of playing. To cheer him up, his older sister, Ruri, takes him to a Re:vale concert even though he is not interested in idols. Momo immediately becomes captivated and even finds himself getting involved with both Ban and Yuki. Now with the duo separated, Momo takes it upon himself to reignite Yuki's love for music and help him find his lost partner. But the only way to do so is by rebuilding a new Re:vale from the ground up. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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