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Dramatic Boyfriend Manga cover

Dramatic Boyfriend

  • あの子とジュリエット, That Boy and Juliet, Dramatic Boyfriend, Melancholic Boyfriend
  • Authors: Lalako Kojima
  • Genres: Slice of Life, Boys Love, Drama
Read Dramatic Boyfriend full chapter on MangaScans. Ano Ko to Juliet (That Boy and Juliet) Ryousuke Ijuuin and Mitsuru Yamada are just like Romeo and Juliet. They fell in love at first sight, knowing since their youth that they would one day be married. However, their fathers, the two greatest landowners in town, are constantly at odds with each other, and they expect their sons to also take part in their feud. When Ryousuke and Mitsuru realize they cannot suppress their feelings any longer, the two elope in the middle of the night. In Tsuchiura, en route to Tokyo, their plan is waylaid by the sudden sickness of a guest who had joined them. Dramatic Boyfriend/Melancholic Boyfriend Rokuta Tadokoro and Hina Sakurada have been friends since childhood, when Rokuta was the only one of their peers to not make fun of Hina's uncommon appearance. When Hina's mother entered him into a national young male idol competition, he won in part due to Rokuta encouraging him not to skip the audition. As Rokuta and Hina grow up and the latter becomes more popular as an idol, the two are not able to spend as much time together, which causes them both more pain than they would have expected. Love Letter no Osoushiki Ever since Yuusuke Takayama was told that he was disgusting for liking men, his opinion of human beings soured. Now, he much prefers the company of written words and aspires to be a writer in the future. He is in the practice of writing love letters on behalf of his schoolmates after a letter he wrote previously helped another student get a boyfriend. One day, Yuusuke drops a love letter that he does not remember writing into the school locker of Suzu Aizawa, whose girlfriend Michiru Sonoda was brutally murdered a year ago. Aizawa sees Yuusuke do this, and he demands an explanation for why the handwriting and writing style of the letter are identical to those of Michiru. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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