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Dainana Maouji Jilbagias no Maou Keikokuki Manga cover

Dainana Maouji Jilbagias no Maou Keikokuki

  • 第七魔王子ジルバギアスの魔王傾国記, 7th Demon Prince Jilbagias, the Demon Kingdom Destroyer, Seventh Demon Prince Jilbagias' Chronicle of Overthrowing the Demon Kingdom, 7th Demon Prince Jilbagias' Chronicle of Demon Kingdom Toppling, Zilbagias the Demon Prince: How the Seventh Prince Brought Down the Kingdom
  • Authors: Tomoaki Amagi, Nitora Noi
  • Genres: Fantasy, Reincarnation
Read Dainana Maouji Jilbagias no Maou Keikokuki latest chapters on MangaScans. The hero Alexander and his comrades unleash a daring raid on the Demon King's castle, intent on assassinating him and bringing an end to the war against the darkness in one fell swoop. However, the raid goes awry when his party is effortlessly decimated by the Demon King's overwhelming power. But death is not the end of the road for Alexander, as he is reincarnated two years later as that very same Demon King's son. With the memories of his past life still intact, he vows to use his miraculous second chance to continue fighting—this time destroying the demonic kingdom from within as the Demon Prince Zilbagias. It doesn't take long for his mettle to be tested either, as passing as a young demon prince without blowing his cover proves to be quite a bit more challenging than he initially anticipated. (Source: J-Novel Club). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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