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Conductor Manga cover


Read Conductor full chapter on MangaScans. Professional flutist Naomi Kuchiki has been suffering from strange nightmares where she sees a man holding a skull. Unable to fall asleep, she consults with psychologist Matsuzaki—who is anything but conventional. He immediately deciphers Kuchiki's reason for coming to his office and tells her that, beneath these incomprehensible dreams, there might lay a deep-rooted memory she wishes to forget. At the same time, a headless skeleton is found in an empty apartment following an anonymous call. Inspector Tsuyoshi Ishikura suspects that the caller is involved in the case and has set up the crime scene as a challenge to the police. Going off of a mysterious apple-like symbol on the window frame and a photo from five years ago, he sets out to find the one responsible. Elsewhere, the grand return of musical director Yasafumi Yuuki leads to a fallout between violinist Akiho Maya—Kuchiki's friend and Yuuki's ex-girlfriend—and her fiance Kazuo Tamaki, a pianist with an injured hand. With all the pieces being brought together, the tragic mystery behind Kuchiki's memory loss is about to unfold. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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