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Cocytus Manga cover


Read Cocytus full chapter on MangaScans. 1-2. Cocytus 3-4. Moratorium 5. Moratorium: Itsuki Saide Cocytus Mineko Kurosaki is an incredibly straightforward girl and never tells lies to fit in with others. Because of this, she is bullied by her peers and spends most of her time alone at school. Her classmate Shiina is the exact opposite; she does not hesitate to lie to maintain her reputation. Nonetheless, admiring her courage in staying true to herself, Shiina begins talking to Mineko and finds herself strangely drawn to the stoic girl. Moratorium At the beginning of their university life, Itsuki and Mao met each other and immediately became close friends. Though the antisocial Mao admired Itsuki for being her first true friend, she quickly began to notice Itsuki acting strange. Three years have passed since then, and Mao is still stuck agonizing over Itsuki's actions. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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