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Blazer Drive Manga cover

Blazer Drive

Read Blazer Drive full chapter on MangaScans. Shunned by his brother Ginga, Neo-Tokyo troublemaker Daichi finds solace in collecting rare "Mystickers"—miraculous stickers capable of generating unlimited energy. Only after a deadly encounter does Daichi learn the truth behind his brother’s cold and distant attitude: Ginga was sheltering him from Qilin Realm, a malicious organization that seeks Daichi to bring a disturbing plan into action. Ginga sacrifices himself to protect his brother and is kidnapped by the organization, leaving Daichi lost and helpless. Fortunately, the Guardians—Ginga's allies in opposing Qilin Realm—come to his aid. Now recruited into their ranks, Daichi finds himself thrust into their violent world. Soon, he realizes that he can harness the Mystickers' powers into his own body, for he is one of a select few known as "Blazers." Spurred on by his brother’s selflessness and the discovery of his abilities, Daichi sets out with the Guardians to rescue his brother and prevent Qilin Realm from realizing their goal. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Included one-shot: Volume 1: Trival (pilot). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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