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Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san Manga cover

Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san

  • あそこではたらくムスブさん, Musubu, the Girl Working There
  • Authors: Taishi Mori
  • Genres: Comedy, Shounen
Read Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san latest chapters on MangaScans. It was love at first sight for 24-year-old Gorou Sagami when he crossed paths with Musubu Kondou, a researcher and coworker at a rubber products manufacturer. After an opportunity arises to transfer to the Integrated Development Department and work alongside her, Sagami makes sure to not pass it up. Excited to learn about the woman of his dreams, he enthusiastically introduces himself to the team. Unfortunately for him, after exchanging their first greetings, Musubu gives Sagami a cold stare and runs away! Setting his injured pride aside, he tries to convince himself that simply greeting her is good enough—until Musubu herself flags him down in the hallway shortly after. Placing something in his hand, she asks Sagami for feedback before immediately dismissing herself and running off again. Sagami is caught off guard because the product she gave him to test out was a condom! While Sagami is steadfast in getting closer to his crush, Musubu is only focused on making better condoms. The daily lives of two coworkers with little experience in love is sure to be colored with unusual yet hilarious interactions, but is an office romance on the horizon for the pair? [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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