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10-manbun no 1 Manga cover

10-manbun no 1

Read 10-manbun no 1 full chapter on MangaScans. People always say it will not happen to them. They say the chances are only one in one hundred thousand. While 99,999 people may be fine, there is always that one; and it is that one case which tears a life, and that of those around them, to shreds. Not even young and innocent love is free from this cruelty. Rino Sakuragi is a soft-spoken girl who vents her anger through angry haikus. She secretly pines for Ren Kiritani, a popular boy in school. Though it seems like they are leagues apart, he unflinchingly asks what she thinks of him, leading the two to realize their respective feelings are reciprocated. While their feelings are mutual, something far crueler threatens the couple. The chances were only one in one hundred thousand, but it happens to them, and the pair is forced to question whether their "happily ever after" even exists. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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