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Daily Witch Manhwa cover

Daily Witch

Read Daily Witch full chapter on MangaScans. Once upon a time, women with extraordinary abilities appeared, earning the praise of many. However, such respect soon turned into rejection, and they were forced into hiding. Now, these so-called witches live in groups to protect themselves from discrimination and harm. A witch named Eve resides with three other women: Misty, a boys' love enthusiast; Gretel, a wandering witch who studies odd animals; and Baba Yaga, an eerie, unmoving doll that may be one of the oldest and most powerful witches of their time. Fueled by hate and prejudice, witch hunters appeared, though their objectives have shifted with time. They no longer aim to eradicate witches but to abuse their magic instead. One witch hunter organization has set its sights on Misty, and when they manage to abduct her, Eve desperately tries to summon all her roommates and flies to Misty's aid. However, the simple rescue mission introduces the young witches to others of their kind, and their escapade to free Misty brings them closer together in unexpected ways. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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