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Crazy Like a Fox Manhwa cover

Crazy Like a Fox

Read Crazy Like a Fox latest chapters on MangaScans. In Valdimar, where worship of the goddess Hellare is sacred, the king makes a shocking proclamation to his 10 children: the strongest that survives among them shall inherit the throne. Thus begins a decade-long silent bloodbath in the royal palace. Lisbelle is the fifth princess, lucky to be one of the few remaining children despite never getting blood on her hands. When she eventually falls victim to one of her brother's schemes, she somehow awakens in the past before many tragedies have occurred. Though physically weak, Lisbelle has a wit second to none, so she puts on her finest performance yet—that of a lunatic. Everyone ignores the mad princess, allowing Lisbelle to live as one of the last three survivors, but her eldest half-brother makes a move just as she plans to escape. At that very moment, a dormant force in Lisbelle awakens, sending a shockwave of divine power outward. Incidentally, a wisp of her might falls into the hands of the renowned magician Asius, who realizes he has at last found the key to achieving his long-awaited revenge. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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