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Baby. Manhua cover


Read Baby. full chapter on MangaScans. December 1, 2043 AD. The mysterious life form "Baby" invades Earth and takes control of a number of human hosts, parasitising them. The possessed bodies metamorphize into monsters called "Organos," which slaughter a great mass of humanity in a series of bloody massacres, bringing mankind to the brink of extinction. Thereafter, December 1 comes to be known as "Extinction Day." While battling an Organo, Elettra, the protagonist of the story, finds that her left hand has been infected by Baby. However, aside from a throbbing pain in her hand, nothing about the rest of her body changes. Elettra begins to search for other survivors, hoping to solve the mystery of Baby. (Source: MU). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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