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The Yakuza's Bias Manga cover

The Yakuza's Bias

  • やくざの推しごと, The Yakuza's Bias
  • Authors: Teki Yatsuda
  • Genres: Comedy
Read The Yakuza's Bias latest chapters on MangaScans. With nasty scars on his face and a menacing presence, the Washio Clan's gruff second-in-command, Ken Kanashiro, embodies all the stereotypes of a yakuza. Despite this, Ken's interests take an unexpected turn after he watches a documentary about the popular K-pop boy group My Night With (MNW). Seeing the effort that the members put into their craft and the dedication they exhibit on and off the stage, Ken cannot help but swoon over them. Ken is not the only one whom MNW sweeps off their feet. His subordinates and even enemies engage in all the unique activities that a K-pop fan does. From choosing a bias—a favorite member—to exchanging rare photo cards of the members' lovely selfies, the violence of the yakuza world is replaced with the restless tracking of MNW's content. It seems that no matter how tough one is, inspirational boys who share their love through music will surely win them over. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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