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The Maid at my House Manga cover

The Maid at my House

  • 僕んちの家政婦さん, The Maid at My House, Lovely Housemaid and Her Arrogant Master
  • Authors: Mihoko Kojima
  • Genres: Shoujo, Romance
Read The Maid at my House latest chapters on MangaScans. Runako is studying hard to someday succeed as owner of her family's maid dispatching service company. One day, a request comes in from an entertainment production company and shockingly, it's for their super-popular star, Seirei Moroboshi! But could it be that the image he projects on the TV is far different than his true secret face...?! (Source: Media Do International/Akita Publishing). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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