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Shitsuren Mania Manga cover

Shitsuren Mania

Read Shitsuren Mania latest chapters on MangaScans. An ongoing series revolving around Atsuya, who is an "Unrequited Love Maniac" and the loves of his life. Prequel: Hatsukoi Moratorium inside Shotgun Marriage Vol.1: Shitsuren Mania (Unrequited Love Maniac) Vol.2: Junai Allergy (Allergy to Pure Love) Vol.3: Netsuai Complex (Ardent Love Complex) Vol.4: Dekiai Egoism (Enraptured Love) Vol.5: Katsuai Catharsis (Catharsis of the Love) Vol.6: Saiai Ambivalent (The Dearest is Ambivalent) Vol.7: Mitsugetsu Melancholy (Honeymoon Melancholy) Vol.8: Tooi Dearest (Long Distant Love Just Now) (Source: MU). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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