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Shin Kurosawa: Saikyou Densetsu Manga cover

Shin Kurosawa: Saikyou Densetsu

Read Shin Kurosawa: Saikyou Densetsu full chapter on MangaScans. Kurosawa, a 44-year-old underpaid construction worker, sustains a head injury during a brawl. He then lives a peaceful life in heaven for eight years, immobile on his hospital bed, until he comes to a startling realization: there are no women in heaven. As a headstrong man, Kurosawa choses to leave the luxuries of the afterlife behind to pursue his lifetime goal: to date a woman. Although Kurosawa returns to Earth with an objective in mind, he finds himself in many undesirable situations caused by his own straightforward behavior. Groping women, fighting, and acting petty are just a few things that a soul from heaven should not be doing. As a result, Kurosawa's misdeeds earn him only society's disdain. However, Kurosawa's mistakes are due to his strong human impulses—he also benefits from the positive sides of his nature. He is introspective, and his battles are opportunities for lessons to be learned. Despite starting his mid-life crisis as nothing more than a desperate soul searching for a woman, Kurosawa soon finds other worthy reasons to live and gains a new perspective on moral virtues. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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