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Kare ni Irai Shite wa Ikemasen Manga cover

Kare ni Irai Shite wa Ikemasen

Read Kare ni Irai Shite wa Ikemasen latest chapters on MangaScans. Moguri is an unlicensed detective agency that accepts clients other agencies refuse. Its main employees are Kizuna Kagami and Maya Midou, two handsome young men that look nothing like private investigators. Despite their appearances and somewhat questionable behavior, the pair is surprisingly adept at solving cases. In pursuit of the truth, they may in fact uncover more than they are asked to. This is due to Kizuna's secret skill—he is an "empath," able to share in the emotions of the people around him. Kizuna's power goes above and beyond that of others who also call themselves empaths. By "linking" with another person, he is able to take on their talents and even perform feats that would normally be impossible for him. However, after taking advantage of this ability, it is difficult for Kizuna to come back to himself. It is a sobering reality that one day he might lose sight of his own personality—but this is an outcome that Maya, who has been by Kizuna's side since high school, is determined to avoid. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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