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Asayake no Diamond Life Manga cover

Asayake no Diamond Life

Read Asayake no Diamond Life full chapter on MangaScans. After his father won a three billion yen prize in the lottery, Natsuhiko Sakurada finds himself transferring to Millionaire Private School—a specialized institution for raising the next generation of future elites. Natsuhiko hopes to meet his childhood friend Shin at the school again, but he is shocked to discover that there is no baseball team. As Natsuhiko bonded with Shin through the sport, he sets out to establish his own team. However, his plan faces disapproval from the student council, headed by twin brothers Shinhiko and Kaname Jinnai. Shinhiko is Natsuhiko's distant and hostile roommate who vehemently opposes the creation of a baseball team, but Kaname is willing to humor the idea and allows it. Despite Natsuhiko's efforts to recruit members, the student body is not very receptive to the new prospect. In an attempt to get him to abandon his endeavor, Shinhiko proposes a deal to the struggling captain: he will join the team if Natsuhiko gives up his body to him and becomes his lover. With an added bonus of rare collectible baseball memorabilia, Natsuhiko agrees, still intent on meeting his long-lost friend. The addition of the younger Jinnai twin to the team causes a plethora of students to also sign up, but Shin is nowhere to be found amongst the new members. Natsuhiko's relationship with Shinhiko slowly deepens, but his old friend is yet to resurface. [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at MangaScans
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